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The First Employee Relationship Management System for Healthcare

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DoorSpace® reduces your costs and automates your people processes with a “single source of truth”.

Get new recruits credentialed faster and reduce claim denials from expired or missing credentials. We connect the data silo’s within healthcare organizations, generating data network effects that decrease costs, unlock predictive analytics capabilities and improve employee retention.

From applicant tracking to credentialing, continuing education and compliance training – we bring all your personnel data together in a robust online platform to improve your talent retention and development programs.

The Problem

Healthcare Staffing providers rely on outdated methods of gathering and maintaining employee data. The result is manual, time consuming processes that leave clinicians frustrated and employers with inaccurate, siloed, and unusable data.

Not only are these processes manual and expensive, they lead to a fragmented employee experience. Poor employee experiences lead to increased turnover and lower quality patient outcomes.

Before now, this data has been used for departmental function, never to connect the employee journey.


The Cost


Turnover can cost up to $85,000 per clinician lost to a competitor. This does not factor in future revenue lost for placements.


Onboarding clinicians costs $65,000 per nurse (up to 2x salary for a doctor) and takes 3 weeks to several months to complete. 90% of this cost is tied to manual processes.


PLUS clinicians spend another 54 hours each year filling out 18 (or more) credentialing & licensure packets, costing $3,250 per nurse each year.

The Impact

rising costs

Missed renewal and training deadlines leave clinicians undertrained and open to liability risks.

charts and papers

Delays in processing credentials take 6-9 months and costs the average healthcare facility $1.5M+ in lost revenue annually.


40% of clinician data is inaccurate, resulting in patient care being delayed and increased claim rejections.


Management cannot staff appropriately leading to undetected turnover, fraud, abuse & waste.

This Problem Costs US Healthcare Companies more than $85 Billion Annually

putting pieces together

The Solution

DoorSpace replaces the fragmented, manual processes of data collection with an easy to use app and a “single source of truth” across all departments and facilities, enabling employers to make better workforce decisions.

Clinicians get a secure and easy to use app that automates and streamlines the tasks of maintaining their lifelong credentials. Employers get a “single source of truth” that is continuously maintained and synced across facilities and internal departments.

The Platform

personnel data

Personnel data is up-to-date and accessible in real time across the organization

continuous monitoring

Continuous monitoring notifies admins of missing or expiring credential data

view skills credentials and more

Provide organizations a way to instantly verify skills, training, & credentials

  • $7,500 savings per employee, per year
  • 43% cost savings for onboarding, roughly $48,547 per hire
  • Reduce liability for malpractice lawsuits and claim rejection fees
  • 90% increase in administrative efficiency
  • 80% reduction on credentialing, saving over $2,500 per person
  • Appropriately staff based on credentials & availability
  • Achieve 99% data accuracy
  • Reduce turnover & promote professional growth
  • 5 pt. increase in hospital rating equals 1% increase in profit margin

Smart Credentials

DoorSpace® built the first credential app built for clinical talent to securely store and continuously track licensure, certifications and other credentials, automating the process of keeping your staff credentials up-to-date. 

DoorSpace® Employee Relationship Management Software for Healthcare