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Unlock Your Talent’s Full Potential with Keys®

Keys® is the First and Only HR Solution Built Specifically to Manage the Continuously Changing Requirements for Healthcare and Other Knowledge Workforces

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The Keys® to a Healthier Workforce Culture

Our solutions integrate advanced people analytics tools with agile workforce strategies – they work alone or in conjunction with our cloud-based technology platform: Keys®, the first HR platform built for continuously changing knowledge workforces!
Workforce Vitals™

Workforce Vitals™ – Solutions Built Specifically to Address Healthcare’s Continuously Changing Workforce

Healthcare systems have unique challenges managing and developing your workforce. Most technology and strategic solutions for HR are based on generic or business-oriented processes that don’t work for healthcare.

Our Workforce Vitals™ Framework provides strategies and tools that work specifically for healthcare organizations to: increase engagement, maintain a great culture, and support a healthcare provider workforce that saves lives!

Learn How Workforce Vitals™ Can Reduce Costs and Turnover

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About Door Space® Inc., Creator of Keys®

At our core, Door Space® is a data science company. We use data science and experimentation to discover new data science methods and strategies for using your workforce’s personnel data.

The Opportunity: Change People and Cultures at Scale

As Your Organization Grows – the Volume of Paperwork Grows Exponentially, Wreaking Havoc on Enterprise HR staffing budgets. *estimates ~50 documents per nurse*

Companies have an enormous opportunity to invest in their employees’ learning and development in ways that add value to the organization’s long term goals through innovation and more efficient processes. Unfortunately, companies aren’t able to cost-effectively take this opportunity because it’s too expensive to manage within the current frameworks.

Our human abilities to innovate and improve are gained through learning and development.

The way to change people is for them to learn new things and unlearn outdated things. We’re building a digital framework that measures and monitors the change in people through learning across an organization. We study data to uncover the insights we need around individual people in a business in order to learn how to change them and therefore change the culture and success of the collective.

We want to learn everything there is about how to strategically invest in the people inside a company to influence and improve culture, individual learning and development, and both short and long term business profitability.

How Exactly Do You Develop Talent?

  • What do we need to measure?
  • How do we measure?
  • What insights can we gain from the data when we collect and analyze it that help accelerate the learning and skills development of individual employees while reducing the resource demands on an organization?

These are just some of the questions we’re discovering answers to through our work at Door Space®.